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San Diego Section (SDG) ARES covering San Diego County and Imperial County, California
San Diego Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SDG ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment with their local ARES leadership for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. In late November 2019, this forum replaced the YahooGroup used by SDGARES for the past 10+ years. We use this forum to inform amateur radio (ham) operators about SDG ARES meetings and training events, and we use this forum to share and discuss training materials, technology, and ham radio methods. To join San Diego ARES (SDGARES) officially, first please register as a new member of ARES at When you join, please include your call sign in your "DisplayName" (UserName) for the group, such as FirstName CallSign. Last name is optional. allows you to have a different "DisplayName" for each of your memberships. If you are a Winlink enthusiast, consider joining the Subgroup also. Thank you. SDGARES Leadership Team
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  • Escondido ARES
    For ARES members and ARES friends who live or work in the Escondido, CA area.
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  • Winlink Subgroup for San Diego and Baja
    *This Winlink Subgroup of SDG ARES is for discussion about Winlink equipment and methods in the San Diego area.* Discussion includes equipment, emcomm exercises, Winlink training, & real events. Our ARES neighbors and like-minded members of other agencies are welcome to join the Subgroup and to participate in discussion. If you live outside the San Diego area, please add your ARRL Section, city, and/or county of residence to your DisplayName for this Subgroup.
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